Sachet Packer - Pneumatic

For Powder filling

Suitable for :
Ground Spices, Dry syrup, Premixes, pharmaceutical powders, pigments and dies, micro-nutrients.

Product Description
For-Bro offers versatile pneumatic Sachet packing machines for packing powders in small size unit packs. Auger controller with Clutch/brake unit or servo controlled mechanism helps to discharge set quantities of powder in to the 3 or 4 side sealed pillow pouches OR centre seal pouches -formed from printed virgin/laminate roll . Photoelectric registration helps in precise print positioning on the pouch. Pneumatic sealing helps to achieve a perfect ait tight sealing required for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry.

Salient Features :
• Best in class pneumatics for high quality sealing
• State of the art design and modular construction
• Easy change over of product and pack sizes
• PLC / Microprocessor based controls with low powe consumption
• Provision for Print mark registraition, Batch coding.

Customisation :

Specifications Parameters SPP-100A
Capacity Upto  200gm powder 
Control  Electromechanical  with photoelectric sensor.
( with pneumatic cross seals ) 
Packing speed * Upto  15 -30 pouches per minute with single tracks 
Pouch formation With liner former  with max size upto 270mm width
of laminate. 
Pouch type Three/four side   seal, Centre seal
Max pouch size 125mm x 200mm max. 
Vertical seals Roll  pulling and vertical seales with die rollers
through electro-magnettc clutch/brake unit  
Heaters Cartridge heaters 250w x 2nos.
Horizontal seals^^ With  pneumatic sealing  and  knife arrangement
synrchronised with filling of powder . 
Heaters Cartridge heaters 250w x 2nos.
Dozer Auger filler
Dozer hopper 35 litres  capacity  
Filling accuracy **  + 2% for  at consistant product bulk density.  
Control panel MOC M.S Body/SS Body on Request
Controller Solid state  electronic controller with photoelectric
sensor for print mark registration.PLC Based controls
Digital time proportional temperature controller
Auger controller with photoelectric sensor
Drive Motors  0. 5 h.p. Single phase . For main machine
(variable speed drive optional)
0.75 H.P for Auger filler 
Physical specificaions MOC^ SS304 / SS316 (on request)
Overall dimenisions Main machine 675mm x1000mm x 2600mm ( l x w x h ) 
Net weight  700kgs approx.
Mobility Provided with castor wheels.