Flow Wrap

Flow Wrap Machine

Suitable for :
Soap, Biscuit, Choclates, cofectionaries, Static solid items such as syringes, ball bearing, Tubes, Bar, Brush.

Product Description
For-Bro offers state of the art horizontal flow wrap machine for Static solid products in a unit pouches. The machine is able to provide center seal pouches made of heat sealable laminated or virgin film. Machine is available in standard and GMP models suitable for food and pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. Microprocessor or PLC based controls offers easy communication with the machine without need of skilled resources. Automatic staking and placing mechanism is provided for quicker operations.

Salient Features :
• Standard and GMP models.
• Bottom and Top Sealing.
• High Speed packing up to 60•150 cycle/min as per the product parameters.
• Supports wide range of pack-sizes ( Length 50mm-300mm , Height : 60mm-90mm, width: 5mm - 200mm)
• Supports lamination up to 400mm width.
• Single or double jaw mechanism.
• Contact parts SS 304/SS316 as per the construction.
• Modular construaction for easy cleaning and mainteannce.

Customisation :

Specification Parameters FW-100
Capacity Solid blocks/stack 
Control  Electromechanical with photoelectric sensor OR  PLC  Based OR 
Packing speed * Upto  90 -120 packs/minute with single track depending upon rigidity of prodcut, laminate quality and packsize. 
Pouch formation With liner former  with max size upto 220mm/350mm width of laminate. 
Pouch type Centre sealed pouch. 
Max pouch size 120mm x 150mm max. (Customisable as per the product)
Longitudenal seals Roll  pulling and longitudenal  seales with die rollers through epicyclic gear train. 
Horizontal seals With  rotary cross seal rollers with eccentric  for matching of linear speed of pouch movement.  
Heaters Band heaters 325w x2nos and Cartridge heaters 150w x 2nos.
Product feeder 1.5 meter long conveyor with in-feed lugs to feed solid product into the machine .
OR as per the cleint requirement   
Product feeding  Manuall Or Automatic (Based on the model) 
Control panel MOC ^ Inbuilt with the machine. M.S.body 
Controller Solid state  Electronic controller with photoelectric sensor for  print mark/i-Mark  registration with Optional Batch coding arrnagement.
PLC based conrols
Temp.controllers Digital time proportional  Temperature controllers with J type thermocouples. 
Drive Motors  1. 5 h.p. Single phase with variable speed drive (optional )
Gear box Worm reduction gear box
Moc  All parts coming in direct contact of the product made from S.S. 304. All other parts made from MS/CI ( for GMP models all parts are made from S.S.304 / Covered with S.S. 304 sheets/ ENP coated. ) 
Main machine 3000mm x750mm x 1900mm (Depending on the conveyor size)
Net weight  850kgs approx.
Mobility Stationary