Form Fill Seal

Form Fill Seal-Cup Filler

Suitable for :
Detergent , Salt, Pulses, Dal, Mouth freshner, Grains, Frew flow pesticides and chemicals.

Product Description
State of the art Form Fill seal machines are designed to pack free fllowing products into pouches formed from a roll of thin laminate/virgin film. Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal (VFFS) machines with cup filler as a dozing unit are used in the industry for a wide variety of packaging applications. Various products like tea,sugar,detergent , chemicals, pesticides are placed into formed pouches and then sealed. The pouch material is flexible and typically heat-sealable laminate or virgin plastic. Fully Automatic form fill and seal machinesa do not requrie much of a operator interventions andoperator is only requires to load the material in the product hopper.

The operation of the FFS machine is divided into four functional areas a) weighing b) forming c) dosing & feeding, aligning and (4) closing, sealing, cutting. There can be another functional area as per the client requirement and that is batch mark registration through batch coding unit. Roll-fed flexible laminate film is unwound from a feeder roll loaded on the roller at the back of the machine. A dancing roller would be used to maintain a constant tension on the unwinding web of film. The unwinding motor and dancers are required for maintaining tension and maintaining critical accuracy in feed.

The film is threaded up over a forming collar and then down, forming the web into a tube. Volumetric cup will er with 3/6 cups rotates and as per the principle of equal proportation dischages the product in the pouches For perishable food products, nitrogen flushing is executed to prolong the life of the product. A vertical overlap seam and bottom seal are applied. The pouch is then filled and a top seal is applied while a knife cuts the sealed pouch from the descending web of film. A mechanism can be provided to have a gasketting of the pouch. Pressure can be adjusted on kneif to have a individual package of the product or the chain of the product.

Salient Features :
• Unique Design for optimum efficiency and Easy Maintenance
• State of the art PLC /Microprocessor based controls with MMI for Hassel free operation
• Pneumatic sealing system for better seal quality
• Easy and quick roll changing design
• Easily accessible interior
• Capacity to handle various product and pack sizes through change parts
• High quality Pneumatic controls for better operations
• Modular construction with easy change over of dozing units.

Customisation :

Specifications Parameters SP-1000V
Capacity 100gms to 1000gms with Change parts. 
Products Free flowing Granular/ Crystalline Products
Packing material Laminated Heat sealable Plastic with Max. Roll size 15 inches
Pouch Size (mm) MAX :  180 X 250 and MIN: 75 X 100
Core Size (mm) 75
Seal Pattern Pillow Pouch 
Operational Mode Intermittent Motion 
Packing Speed* Upto  35-40  Pouches/Min depending on the product
DOZING UNIT Type Volumetric Cup Filler 
Controls Pneumatically controlled
Drop Timing Adjustable with PLC. 
Accuracy ** +/-2%
Drive 1 H.P/2 H.P.With Variable Speed Drive. 
POUCH FORMATION Tube Formation By Collar and forming tube
Vertical Seal 300mm  Jaw with Pneumatic Cylinder. 
Jaw Box Pneumatically Operated Cross seal Jaws of 200mm width 
Pouch cooling Compressed Air Jets for cooling cross seal
Cutter ZIG -ZAG Knife with Pneumatic Cylinders
Roll Feed Motorised with floating carriage for alignment. 
Pouch length control With Colour mark Sensor
WEB Control Motorized System 
Heaters 300W X 3Nos. 
Drive 1 HP, Motor, Gear box and Variable speed drive 
MMI Touch Screen MMI
Panel Body S.S. 304 
Air  (To be arranged ) 50 LPM at 6KG/SQ CM 
Batch Coding (Optional) Pneumatic with Rubber Stereo
Discharge Height 300mm Above Ground / Carry Conveyor (optional)
Frame M.S.  Frame with Polyamide Legs
Machine (mm) 1000 X 1400 X2400 
Approx.Net Weight 1100 Kgs