Vibratory Filler

Vibratory Filler

Suitable for :
Whole spices, Snacks , Chemical, Screws, Wafers, cofectioneries, Chips, pulses, Grains, Peanut.

Product Description
For-Bro make Weigh filler are a Semi-Automatic machine better known as Vibratory fillers finds its application in a food industry for filling fragile and uneven material such as Grains, Snaks,wafers, cashew, dal mix etc. Vibratory fillers are available as single head or multi head filling machines for achieving higher speed and accuracy. Load cell based weighing machine is highly accurate even if material has uneven flowing characteristics.

The principle of the vibratory feeding mechanism is very simple and includes three primary components : - Hopper containing the powder/product to be fed - Electronically controlled vibratory feeder.- Load cell based weighing system.

Material is fed from the bulk hopper in to the metal container connected to the loadcell via a the feeding trays. These trays are operated at varying speed and levels which will help material to travel to the weighing container. Micro-controller will control the speed and thus the flow of material via a feedback loop. Course and fine feed setting helps to increase the speed of the filling and also the accuracy of the material. This method produces a continuous material feed that decreases in rate as the target weight is approached and provides an extremely accurate dispensed weight. Fill tolerances of better than 1% can be obtained under optimum conditions.

The machine can also be integrated for a form fill seal operation where all three activities of forming the pouch , filling the pouch and sealing the pouch can be achieved together without the manual intervention.

Salient Features :
• Multi track discharge for higher speed
• Simple and robust construction for easy maintenance and long life
• High accuracy and speed
• Microprocessor based controls
• Fine and course feeding
• Double feeding mechanism for higher material control
• Mechanism to detect material cluttering.

Customisation :
• Multi Track mechanism
• Automatic pouch filling mechanism on request
• Complete SS 304/SS 316 construction for Pharma/Food industry.

Specifications WF-1000
Capacity 50gms to 1000gms Grannular/Uneven products. 
No. Of tracks  Two /Four (As requried)
Control  Microprocessor based load cell controller (6Kg) and composite vibratory feeder controller for 2 tracks.
Operation  mode  Fine and coarse modes of filling for optimum accuracy . 
Material feed Electromagnetic vibrators for bulk and feed units. 
Feeding mode
Fine and coarse feed mode changeover  and discharge control by electronic controller and   pneumatic cylinders 
Filling speed  Upto 8-12 pouches per minute depending upon bulk density,packsize and type of material/product
Filling modes Auto OR manual with mode selectibility 
Filling accuracy + 1% at constant product  level in the machine hopper and  consistancy of bulk density
Valve Actuation Actuation of solenoid valve and coils through ssrs. 
Product feeding  Product feeding to the machine hopper to be arranged by you. 
Input supply  1 Phase,  230 V AC
Vibrator 4 Nos ,  coil : 24 ohms (varies based on number of tracks)
Compressed Air Dry, clean, 100 lpm of compressed air  at 7kg/ controlled pressure to be arranged by you. 
Machine hopper 40 litres. 
Weigh pan.  1400 CC weigh pan with pneumatic flap with spring return. 
MOC All parts coming in direct contact of the product made from S.S. 304. All other parts made from m.s./c.i. duly powder coated.
Main machine (mm) 700 x 1000 x 1300 
Net weight  350kgs Aprox.