Automatic Labelling Machine


Labelling Machine

Labels on the product packaging not only gives the information about the various aspects of the packaged product but also helps the manufacturer to promote the branding. In today’s world of high competition, product manufacturer ensure that their products have their unique labeling. Labeling machines are machines that dispense and apply labels to various items such as Bottles, pet jars, containers and boxes.

We at For-bro offers Semi-automatic and fully automatic labelling machines.

Fully Automatic machine is used to automatically apply full or partial labels to the round bottles at very high speed.

Bottles/containers to be labelled are positioned on specially designed conveyor or can be fed from the filling/capping station at a controlled speed on to the labelling station. As soon as the bottle is sensed by the sensor, a label is released from the roll where the self-adhesive label roll is mounted. As the bottles moves on the belt, the label is separated from the adhesive tape and released on the bottle. Rubber Pressure roller is pressed against the stationary roller such that the label is firmly stick to the bottle surface.

We can also provide the batch printing device which can print details such as the batch no., Manufacturing and Expiry date & other matter on label while label is stationary between dispensing of two labels.


High speed Automatic labelling.

Up to 40 bottles / Minute.

Full /partial wrapping of labels.

Break assembly to avoid variation during releasing of roll.

Labeling speed synchronized with bottle feeding conveyor.

No Bottle, No Label arrangement.

Suitable for aluminum, glass, plastic, LDPE, HDPE, PP and PET.

Adjustable label position.

PLC and Microprocessor Controlled.