Process Equipment

Vibratory Sifter

Suitable for :
Flour, Colour, Coffee, Die and Pigments, Pulses and Grains, Chemicals, Pesticides, detergent, Salt, Emulsions, Varnish, Solvent, Tea, Milk Powder, Yeast, Sand , Carbide, Solvent.

Product Description
For-Bro offer range of geared Vibro Sifter made of high quality stainless steel material for use in various industry for gradation of powders specially in Food, Agriculture, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Sifter is used for dry and wet products. The Vibro Sifter are ideal for gradation and separation of dry powder, granules and semi solids. These are widely demanded by our customers due to their superior features like dust free arrangement, lead free sieves, less power consumption, variable flow pattern, easy dismantling and cleaning. Rounded unitary gyratory screens are used for gradations of materials as per particle size.

Sifter is a vibrating screen, which consists of a circular pre-tensioned screen of required size (mesh),mounted on frame with vibrating motor. Vibrating motor provides vibrations to the attached screen due to revolving eccentric weights. Furthermore, total assembly is mounted on special grade springs which provides uniform vibration to the screen. Seperate duct are provided for removing the dust/semi solid particals and fine graded material.

Models available for various diameter starting from 12",24",30",36",48",60" with motor of 0.25,0.5,0.5,1.0,1,5 and 2.5HP.Wide range of sieves available for required gradation starting from 14 to 200 mesh.

Salient Features :
• Modular design for multiple deck assembly
• Suitable for Dry and Wet seperation
• Suitable for wide range of product and material.
• High quality vibratory motor for perfect vibration and seperation.
• High capacity , Low operating and maintenance cost
• Springs to amplify vibrations resulting in low power consumption
• Silent and low power operation.

Customisation :
• Ball try for dislodging trapped particle in the mesh
• Rotating Brush mechanism to prevent blinding of screen holes
• MS / SS316 construction on request.

Specification Vibro Sifter
Diameter (Inch)  18 , 24, 30, 36, 48 Inches Diameter Screen for powder grading. 
No. of Decks  One, Two, Three as per the requirement
Operational Mode   Material to be fed at controlled rate for required grading. 
Speed  Depending on particle size, Moisture content and flow  ability
Powder Feeding   Manual
Gradation  Optional Extra Decks for achieving various grades
Motor   0.5 HP  to 5 HP Special Motor for vibro sifer based on the diameter     of the sifter 
MOC   SS304 / SS316 
Inlet Diameter (mm)  '150
Outlet Diameter (mm)  '150
Mobility  Castor wheels
Overall Dimensions (mm)  850 X1000 X 1100 
Approx. Net Weights   350Kgs