Process Equipment

Multi Mill

Suitable for :
Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Dyes, Colours, Food Products, Spices, Detergents, Insecticides, Plastics & Resins, Fertilizers.

Product Description
For-Bro make Multi mill is widely used for wet & dry granulation, pulverisation in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, ceramics, colours industries. The Machine consists of a stainless steel hopper with beaters motor and variable speed mechanism. Beating or cutting mechanism provided in the machine rotates at a very high speed and the sharp edges provided on the same cuts the material to the fine particles of desired size.The material passes through the screen, radially & tangentially, thus avoiding the choking of material in the chamber & rise in temperature.

Multi mill is available with GMP construction for food and Pharmaceutical industry. Beaters and cutters are manufactured form high grade material giving a long maintenance free operation.

Salient Features :
• For milling, homogenizing and shredding powder into small practices
• Sturdy, economical &maintenance free machine
• Direction of beater can be changed by reversible switch for knife edge & vice versa
• Cylindrical screen for continuous output.
• Flame proof electrical motor.
• Easy to use and with near zero maintenance.
• Beaters / scraper blades are hardened for specific application.

Customisation :

Specification MM-5200
Output 50 - 200 kg depending on mesh size and size of the mill
Motor 3 HP ,1440 RPM ,3 Phase
Perforated Screen Hole Dia 0.25 - 25 mm 
SS Wire Mesh Sieve 4 - 100 mm
Rotor Speed 750 / 1500 /2000 / 3000 RPM as per the model and mesh size requirement
Beaters 12 nos with knife, impact edges & 2 scrapper blades
Screen Dimensions 260 mm dia x 135 height
Charging Height 1445 mm
Discharging Height 730 mm
Overall Dimensions (mm) 850 x 980 x 1600  (L X B X H)