Automatic Systems

Multi head liquid Filling line

Suitable for :
Oil, Syrup, Cleaner, Shampoo, Agrochemicals, Milk, Juices, Perfumes, Water, Coconut Water,Phenyle, butter milk, chemicals, pesticides, soap

Product Description
For-Bro offers Automatic Liquid filler model LF-4A which is designed by skilled professionals for optimization in high speed liquid filling and packaging. The machine is typically consists of 2/4/6/8 heads which are either static or diving based on the characteristics of the product to be filled.

Automatic filling machine mainly consists of 3 component namely filling in-feed rotary table, Conveyor belt and the Filling machine. In-feed rotary table is a device which continuously feeds empty containers/bottles to the flat chain conveyor. Bottles/container are stopped by combination of proxy-switch sensor and pneumatic controls under the nozzle position. Once the bottles are filled with the product , stopper is realised for next set of operations such as capping /labelling etc.

Salient Features :
• Supports wide range of products and pack•sizes
• Robust construction with user friendly controls for ease of maintenance
• Contact parts made from S.S.304 for long life
• High operational efficiency with Noise•less operation.
• Models with 2 /4 /6 heads
• No bottle no Fill mechanism
• Diving nozzle mechanism for forming liquids
• Microprocessor based controls for machine and conveyor synchronisation
• Easy change of over for product and pack sizes.

Customisation :

Item Parameters LFL Series
Capacity For bottles of max 100mm dia 
Filling capacity 30ml to 1000ml  max homogeneous  non foaming liquid into bottles.
For forming liquid, diving nozzle mechanism 
Filling heads  Four head piston filling machine 
Control  Microprocessor/PLC based controls 
Operation  mode  Receive, index, fill and off take  sequence of bottle handling( intermittant) 
Filling speed  Upto  60 -80 bottles per minute with four heads  depending upon viscosity
 and specific gravity and foaming characteristic  of liquid
Syringes  Syringes of one product & packsize is provided.
Syringes for other packsize available on request
Filling accuracy + 1% for uniform liquid properties
Rotary table  Capacity 600mm dia   
Top disc Aluminum top disc with ss cladding 
Drive 0.25 HP geared motor with special gear box provided with variable speed drive. 
Guides  Adjustable  S.S guides
Bottle feeding  Manual. 
MOC Parts other than disc made from SS304 / c.i. duly enp coated.  / polyamide. 
Conveyors  MOC SS 304 
Length  1 Conveyor 2500mm long
Chain Slat  chain moving over uhmwpe guides.
Bottle guides  10mm dia ss304 rod guides are  mounted on  the  polyamide brakets. 
Speed Upto 10 meters/minute
Drive  0.5 hp geared motor  with variable speed drive 
Type Pneumatic cylinder oparated  
Operation Four bottles will be indexed at a time to move under respective  filling head, each
of which will fill the liquid  into bottle underneath. No Bottle no Filling arrangement
Nozzle operation  Pneumatic
Pneumatics Camozzi make 
Compressed Air To be arranged by you. 
Stroke 9 inches diving stroke max. 
Control  With inductive proximity switch. 
Control panel Type Composite control panel variable speed drives, microprocessor controls etc 
MOC SS304  with ms component plate
Controller Microprocessor/plc based controller 
Drive Adlee power make variable speed drive 
Size 3600mm x 1500mm x 2100mm 
Net weight  650kgs approx