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Cone Blender Machine

The Double Cone Blender machine is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing powder and granules homogeneously specially used in Chemical and pharmaceutical industry where mixing is required without any mechanical work/operation directly on the products. Double cone blender machine is made of the best quality stainless steel material in line with the international GMP construction standards. Conical shape of the blender machine helps in uniform mixing and easy discharge. Material can be easily charged into the Blender cone and Discharge of material is by gravity through a manually operated butterfly valve at the bottom outlet. Automatic operation of the blending cycle can be provided through micro-processor controller or through the mechanical switches on simple to operate control panel. High Quality rubber gaskets are provided at both ends of the cone as well as the butter fly valve.


Up to 1500 litres capacity with MS/SS304/SS316 contact parts

Manual / Microprocessor based control for ease of operation

Dual direction operations ensures homogeneous mixing

Auto cut-off for attention free operations

Modular design to facilitate maintenance and cleaning

Special port for in-line material feeding


100L – 1500L

Cone Blender Machine capacity
Power Consumption

7 HP

Cone Blender Machine Power Consumption

Microprocessor/ PLC

Cone Blender Machine Control

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Specifications Parameters DCB
MAIN BODY MOC for Main frame M.S / SS 304
Blender Trough MOC SS 304
Capacity 150 Litres to 1500 Litres based on requirement
Type Twin cone container with cylindrical steel of SS 304/SS 316
Outlet Butterfly Valve/ Iris Valve
Controls Start , Stop push buttons
Buzzer Optional
Motor Will Depend upon the size of the blender
DRIVE Gear Box Worm reduction gearbox and Girth gear
Coupling Bush pin Coupling
OVERALL DIMENSIONS Dimension (mm) 2400 X 1500 X 1950 *Vary Depending on Model*
Approx. Net Weight 685 Kg * Vary Depending on Model*