While we provide versatile semi-automatic and fully automatic machines and processing equipment, We at For-Bro understand that packaging requirement varies and depends on various parameters such as product characteristics, Marketing strategy, packing size and Production volume. Off course we cannot ignore the financial investments. We are more than willing to partner with our clients and design the customized solutions which best suits them.

Simple Semi-automatic Auger filler / Cup filler /Paste fillers and Vibratory fillers can be combined with Continuous band sealer to offer the most Economic and complete packaging solution. This is a very useful where the requirement is to pack different products having different physical characteristics. This helps to not only reduce cost of investment but also helps to reduce the cost of inventory compared to the automatic pouch packing machines.

Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic packaging machines can be combined with the overhead or ground level silo/tanks to automatically feed in the material which helps to reduce the material handling efforts by great extent thus reducing the required man-power and also helps to achieve continuous production. We can also provide the customized conveyors for your material handling requirements such as moving the packed material to the inspection department or labelling department.

We can also provide various accessories such as Auger Screw, Funnel, packing station, Pneumatic actuators, Capping heads to suit your requirements. This also helps to use the machines more efficiently.

Based on our experience, we have learnt that the biggest challenge manufacturer faced is the available space for installation of machineries. Many a time the space is very small or of different shape which becomes constraints in installing the automatic machines or the lines. Most of our machines are manufactured using the modular design and we can always customize the design to fit the machines in the available space which can give maximum utilization.