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Automatic Flat Bottle Labelling Machine

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Labels on the product packaging not only gives the information about the various aspects of the packaged product but also helps the manufacturer to promote the branding. In today’s world of high competition, product manufacturers ensure that their products have their unique labelling. Labelling machines are machines that dispense and apply labels to various items such as Bottles, pet jars, containers and boxes.

We at For-bro offer Semi-automatic and fully automatic labelling machines. Fully Automatic machines are used to automatically apply full or partial labels to flat bottles at very high speed.

Bottles/containers to be labelled are positioned on specially designed conveyors or can be fed from the filling/capping station at a controlled speed on to the labelling station. As soon as the bottle is sensed by the sensor, a label is released from both side of the machine from two independent roll where the self-adhesive label roll is mounted. As the bottle moves on the belt, the label is separated from the adhesive tape and released on the bottle. sponge Pressure roller is pressed against the moving bottle such that the label is firmly stuck to the bottle surface.

We can also provide the batch printing device which can print details such as the batch no, Manufacturing and Expiry date & other matter on label while label is stationary between dispensing of two labels.

Our automated front and back labelling systems are extremely durable, efficient and easy to operate. This front & back labeller can be installed quickly and contains no change parts to be adjusted providing easy operations and low maintenance. Equipped with intelligent technology, front and back labellers can label up to 80 bottles per minute. The labeller system comes equipped with a colour touch-screen for easy accessibility. The precise technology used to design the labeller makes sure that the labelling is precise on single side and double side even when executed simultaneously on different types and shapes of products.


No change parts.

Product count.

Synchronised VFDs for single point control.

Precise labelling of single side or double side simultaneously on various types and shapes of containers.

Colour touch screen for easy accessibility.

Labelling Speed

Upto 70 Labels / Min

Filling Speed
Power Consumption

3 HP

Power Consumption
Label Size

Upto 120MM

Pack Size
Item Parameters Specifications
Operation Specification Mode Automatic Single and Two Side Labelling
Speed Up to 60 per minute
Movement Left to right
Separator System 0.25 HP, 415V, 50Hz 2 NOs. Independent geared motors Bonvario Make with VFD. Timing Belt System on both sides with manual adjustment
Unwind Motor Servo Motor and Driver Rako Make 750W 2 Nos
Bottle Size Max Height : 200mm Min Height : 80 mm ( With change parts)
Label Size Max Label Height : 130 mm
Sensor Button Type Panasonic make sensor
Top Pressing Conveyor Timing Belt system with height adjustment. 0.25 HP 415V , 50 Hz Geared Motor
Panel MOC MS powder Coated
HMI 4.3 inch HMI XINJE Make
Physical Specification Conveyor Size 1800 x 1200x 2400mm
Weight 300 kg
Mounting Fixed anchor mount with castor Wheels
MOC Black Flat Belt Conveyor
Length 2400mm long x 100mm wide
Height 750mm
Belt PVC black belt
Bottle Guides 10mm diameter S.S.304 rod guides are mounted on the polyamide brackets
Speed Up to 10 meters/minute
Drive 0.5 HP Bonvario Make geared motor with VFD