Automatic Liquid Filler Two Head

Automatic Liquid Filler
Automatic Liquid Filler

For-Bro Engineers, leading manufacturer and suppliers of packaging machine offers a wide range of semi-automatic and fully automatic machines for various industries including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Fertilizer, Pesticide, Agriculture and cosmetic.

For a completely automated and high volume liquid filling requirements we offer Automatic multi head liquid filling line which comes with 2 head dozing unit, an optional turn table and a customized stainless steel slat chain conveyor for various sizes of bottles/conveyor for smooth transport without toppling.

The empty bottle/containers are fed manually or from the turn table on the smoothly running slat chain conveyor to the filling nozzles of the machine. Pneumatically operated stopper or actuator will hold the bottle exactly under the nozzle while filling is in progress through static or diving nozzles. Machine provides accuracy as high as 0.5 to 1% for homogeneous liquid and speed of up to 6000 bottles/hour depending on the physical characteristics of liquid.

No bottle No fill, Batch count, Spillage Try, Anti dripping mechanism are standard features of the machine.


High Volume Automated filling.

Noiseless Operation.

Variable frequency drive for speed adjustment.

In-line fine tuning of filling.

No bottle no Fill mechanism.

GMP construction.

Diving nozzle mechanism for forming liquids.

Easy change over for product and pack sizes.


Diving Nozzle mechanism for Forming liquids.

Multi head Automatic container filling line with 4,6 and 8 Head.

Filling Speed

Upto 15 Fills/ Min

Filling Speed
Power Consumption

0.75 HP

Power Consumption
Pack Size

10ml – 1000ml

Pack Size



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Parameters LF-2A
Filling Mode Volumetric
Nozzle Type Static
Bottle/Pouch placement Manual, Turn table arrangement available
Filling Capacity 10ml to 1000ml
Spillage duct and Tray Available
Discharge Head/s Two
Speed Upto 15 Fills/min
Accuracy +/- 1%
Volume Control Volumetric syringe operated
Material of Contact SS304
Power Requirements 0.5 HP
Diving Nozzle N/A
Diving Nozzle Stroke N/A
Dimension without frame (mm) 750 X 700 X 600
Approximate Weight 250Kg
GMP Model Availability Yes