Vibratory Filler Machine Vibratory Filler Machine

A vibratory weigh filler is a type of filling machine used in packaging applications to accurately fill containers with bulk materials, such as granules, powders, or small parts. The machine works by using vibration to fluidize and settle the material into a weighing system, which then dispenses the appropriate amount into the container.

The vibratory weigh filler typically consists of a hopper, a vibrating feeder, a weighing system, and a dispensing mechanism. The hopper holds the bulk material, and the vibrating feeder uses vibration to move the material into the weighing system. The weighing system typically uses load cells to measure the weight of the material, and the dispensing mechanism can vary depending on the application, but may include a funnel, a gate, or a nozzle.

The vibratory weigh filler is highly accurate and can achieve high speeds of up to several hundred containers per minute. It is commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, where precise and consistent filling of containers is essential. The machine is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for applications that require frequent changeovers between different materials or products.