Automatic Auger Filling Machine
Automatic Auger Filling Machine Manufacturers in India
Automatic Auger Filling Machine Manufacturers in India

Versatile Automatic auger filling machine line is designed and developed for filling powders into Rigid containers/Tins fed automatically through the conveyor and turn table. Automatic container filling line is suitable for pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food industries where high speed filling is required. These machines can be provided with multiple head filling as well in line with client requirements.

The line consists of 5 components namely

a) Turn table OR Rotary table for feeding empty bottles.

b) Bottle conveyor for transferring the bottles/Containers.

c) Dozing unit - Auger filler.

d) Indexing system and Control.

e) Screw feeder for powders for automatic feeding in the hopper.


High speed , high accuracy filling lines.

PLC and HMI based controls for smooth and simple operations.

Simple and modular construction reduces maintenance.

Multiple head dozing unit can be used with single conveyor.

Bottle counting system available on request.

Integrated capping machine is provided as required.

Different machines can be synchronised on same conveyor.

Filling Speed

Upto 30 Fills/Min

Automatic Auger Filling Machine Filling Speed
Power Consumption

1 HP

Automatic Auger Filling Machine Power Consumption
Pack Size

10gms – 1000gms

Automatic Auger Filling Machine Pack Size


Automatic Auger Filling Machine Accuracy

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Item Parameters PFC Series
Operational Specifications Bottle Capacity For Bottles of 50mm dia to 125mm Dia
Filling Capacity 50 -1000 Grams max into bottles.
Filling /Dosing Arrangement Auger Filler AP-100E/AP-100J
Machine Control Microprocessor/PLC Based Controls
Operation Sequence Stop, fill and off take sequence of bottle indexing.
Filling speed Up to 30 Bottles per minute depending upon bulk density and pack size
Bottle Feeding Through Rotary table/ manual
Conveyor MOC SS 304
Length 3000 mm
Chain Slat chain
Bottle guides Provided
Speed Upto 10 meters/minute
Indexing mechanism Pneumatics Camozzi make pneumatics for stop and gap maintenance.
Interlock No bottle No fill
Height adjustment Provided by Lifting screw
Air requirement 50 litres/min at 6kg/sq. cm.
Overall dimensions Size 3000mm x 1000mm x 1300mm
Net weight 400kgs approx