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Semi Automatic Grease Filling Machine


Grese Filler - Auto Platform Model AP-100JGP (NON-GMP) suitable for filling 500- 5000gms Grease into pre-formed pouches/Container. Machine provided with one set of Auger screw and funnel for One pack-size. Machine is provided with pneumatically actuated platform for even filling from bottom of the container.




Filling Speed

Upto 10 Fill/Min

Filling Speed
Power Consumption

2 HP

Power Consumption
Pack Size

100 grams to 5kg

Pack Size

+/ - 2%

Item Parameters AP-100JGP
Operational Capacity From 500 gm to 5000 gm with change parts.
Control Solid state electronic controller.
Operation Mode Manual / Auto with adjustable timer for delay.
Filling Speed Up to 6 per minute, depending upon pack size, bulk density, product flow ability and efficiency of operator.
Auger & Funnel Machine will be provided with one set of auger and funnel for filling one range of pack sizes.
Filling Accuracy + 2% at constant product level in the machine hopper and consistency of bulk density.
Product Feeding To be arranged by you.
Control Panel MOC MS powder coated.
Controller Solid state controller with photoelectric sensor.
Filling Mode Volumetric filling mode.
Drive Motor 2 HP motor
C/BRK Unit Electromagnetic clutch/brake unit for filling control.
Stirrer Through helical gearing.
Physical Specification Hopper 85 liters.
MOC All parts coming in direct contact of product made from S.S. 304. All Other parts guard, pillar, frame, etc made from powder coated MC/CI
Overall Dimensions Main Machine 750mm x 900mm x 2100mm
Net Weight 365kgs Approx.
Mobility Provided with castor wheels.
Moving Platform Mechanism Make Camozzi make
Control Composite with auger controller
Operation Mode Platform movement controlled by foot switch and height adjustable proxy sensor. Start/Stop in synchronization with Auger for uniform filling in container. Platform Speed controlled through FRV
MOC MS powder coated.
Dimension 300mm x 400mm x 300mm - Platform diameter 300mm