Micro Dozer

Micro Dozer machine

For-Bro offers Micro doser, versatile powder filling and feeding system - designed for filling very small quantity of powders in pouches/Container. Microdoser machines consists of 3 components namely

a) Auger filler machine

b) Storage hopper

3) Powder feeding mechanism/Screw feeder

Machine operated on Principle of Positive displacement of screw operating under constant powder head. Almost constant powder level is maintained in the Auger filler hopper through the Level controller which actuates the feeder to replenish the powder in the dozing hopper from the storage hopper when it goes down from pre-defined level.


Combination of Powder feeding and filling system

Photoelectric sensor to control dozing quantity

Capacity to handle wide range of products and pack sizes

Contact parts made from S.S. 304 and (S.S. 316 contact parts on request)

Easy changeover of product and pack sizes

Compatible for on-line bottle feeding system


GMP models for Pharmaceutical & Food industries

Automatic in-feed / off-take conveyorised system

Multi head Powder filling system for high speed filling

Multiple head line with two or three head is available


Dry syrup

Dies & Pigments

Herbal Powders

Chemical formulations

Pesticides and Chemical

Micro nutrients


Parameters AP-100M AP-100MS
Filling Mode Volumetric Volumetric
Feeder Hopper Capacity 7 litters 7 litters
Filling Hopper Capacity 1 liter 1 liter
Filling capacity 2gms - 35gms 2gms - 35gms
Speed Upto 25 Fills/Min Upto 50 Fills/Min
Accuracy +/- 2% +/- 1%
Product Filling Controls Solid state Electronic controller with photoelectric sensor for filling Servo motor controller , Programmable logic control (PLC)
Product Feeding Controls From bulk hopper with screw conveyer through Level controller From bulk hopper with screw conveyer through Level controller
Material of Contact SS304 SS304
Feeder Drive 20 KG/CM A.C synchronous Motor 20 KG/CM A.C synchronous Motor
Power Requirements 0.5HP, 440V A.C, 1400RPM /50Hz Servo motor : 400W
Stirrer Drive: 100W AC Geared motor
Dimension (mm) 900 X 675 X 1800 900 X 675 X 1800
Approximate Weight 190 Kg 190 Kg
GMP Model Availability Yes Yes

Micro Dozer Machine Manufacturers in Bangladesh,Brazil,Dubai,Egypt,Ethiopia,Ghana, Indonesia,Israel,Kenya,Malaysia,Nepal,New Zealand,Nigeria,Oman,Srilanka,Tanzania,Thailand,Trinidad & Tobago,U.K,Uganda,Yemen,Zambia