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Volumetric Auger Fillers ap100e
Volumetric Auger Fillers Machine ap100e-ss
Auger Filling Machine ap100et

Auger fillers machine works on the principle of positive displacement of screw rotating inside main hopper under the constant powder level. A desired quantity of output can be set on the digital auger counter. Machine discharges the set quantity of product in to the pre-formed pouch or container held manually under the nozzle of the funnel. Machine can be operated via a foot switch or in Auto mode as per the efficiency of the operator. Special stirrer mechanism is provided to ensure that powder is not stuck to the sides of the hopper thus helping to achieve higher accuracy. AP-100E is suitable for wide range of product and pack-sizes starting from 10gms to 500gms with an accuracy of +/-2% depending on the product flow ability and the physical characteristics. Machine can provide the speed of 800-1200 pouches/hour.


Best in Class, time tested Quality product.

Easy to operate control panel with Manual and Auto mode.

Sturdy, simple construction assists maintenance cleanliness.

Capacity to handle wide range of products & pack sizes.

Easy changeover of product & pack sizes.

Supports for pack-size 10gms to 5Kg with change parts.


GMP models for Pharmaceutical & Food industries.

Servo controlled Auger filler.

Automatic in-feed /off-take conveyorised system.

Powder feeding screw conveyor & level controller for continuous filling.

Multi head Powder filling system for high speed filling.

Filling Speed

Up to 20 Fills/Min

Filling Speed
Power Consumption


Power Consumption
Pack Size

10gms – 1000gms

Pack Size

+/- 2%


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Parameters AP-100E
Filling Mode Volumetric
Product Characteristics Non Free flow Powders
Hopper Capacity 35 litres
Filling capacity 10gms - 500gms
Speed Up to 20 Fills/Min
Accuracy +/- 2%
Controls Microprocessor based controller
Type Of Pouch/Container Open mouth preformed pouches Laminated, LD, PP, Etc.
Material of Contact SS 304
Power Requirements 1HP, 3 Phase
Dimension W/O frame (mm) 700 X 900 X 1000
Approximate Weight 275 Kg