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Ribbon Blender Machine
Ribbon Blender 100 SS Machine
Ribbon Blender Machine
Blending Machine

Ribbon Blender Machine is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing of dry granules & powders homogeneously. Ribbon Blender Machine is best suited for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and cosmetic products etc. Approximate two third of the volume of the container of Ribbon Blender is filled to ensure proper mixing. Material is charge from the top side opening known as port. One discharge valve provided at the bottom side of the container. The discharge height could be adjust as per the requirement, so that material gets discharged in the other container/Sifter directly. This reduces the material handling time of discharge and also reduces efforts in moving material to one process point to other. Specially designed container ensures that the material is mixed correctly without any material clogging in the corners. Rotation of the blender are controlled via a simple manual switch Or a Specially designed and programmed microcontroller based panel where various parameters such as number of rotation, reverse/forward rotation, Ideal time stop, Sprayer function, can be configured.


Up to 1500 litres capacity with MS/SS304/SS316 contact parts

Manual / Microprocessor based control for ease of operation

Dual direction operations ensures homogeneous mixing

Auto cut-off for attention free operations

Modular design to facilitate maintenance and cleaning

Special port for in-line material feeding


150L – 1500L

Ribbon Blender Machine capacity
Power Consumption

1 - 7 HP

Ribbon Blender Machine Power Consumption

Microprocessor/ PLC

Ribbon Blender Machine Microprocessor

Ribbon blender machines are widely used for blending Salt, Pharmaceutical powder, Flour, Colour, Coffee, Die and Pigments, Chemicals, Pesticides, protein powders and glucose powder.

Specifications Parameters DCB
MAIN BODY MOC for Main frame M.S. / SS 304
Blender Trough MOC SS 304
Capacity 100 Litres – 1500 Litres
Type Two MS covered heavy plates with S.S.304 for support.
Outlet Butterfly Valve/ Iris Valve
Blender Cover SS.304 with "Cover Open" Indication.
Controls Preset-able blending time for forward and reverse motions
Buzzer Optional
Motor *Vary Depending on Model*
DRIVE Gear Box Worm reduction gearbox
Coupling Bush pin Type
OVERALL DIMENSIONS Dimension (mm) 2100 X 900 X 1650 *Vary Depending on Model*
Approx. Net Weight 800Kg *Vary Depending on Model*

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