Mouth Freshner


Mouth fresher or Mukhwas as it is know in India, is an integral part of the culture. More than 400 types of mouth freshers are available in the country and the demand for Elegant packaging is on the raising particularly in the small to medium size packaging which can be carried easily, We at FOR-BRO, Offer Automatic pouch packing machines which can fill around 40-60 pouches in a minute to a Jar/container packaging machines which is suitable for various types including Powdered forms as well as product with granules. We will be glad to help you with the customized machines for bulk packaging or multi-ingredient packaging.

Mouth Freshener Packing Machine Manufacturers


  • Mouth-freshner

  • Mukhwas

  • Flavoured Betel nut

  • Scented Mukhwas

  • Fennel seeds

  • Green Saunf

  • Rajashani Mukhwas

  • Jeeragoli

  • Anardana goli

  • Dry Avla

  • After meal snack

  • Soft supari

  • Dhana dal

  • Imli goli