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Screw Feeders SFG Series

Screw Feeder Machine
Screw Feeder Machine

For Bro Provides Automatic Powder Feeding System for semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines for reducing the material handling efforts. Automatic feeding system are used to provide continuous supply of product to the filling machine t ensure that there is no disruption of the process due to lack of material in the filling machine thus achieving the higher efficiency. System comprise of three components including Filling machine, Overhead/Ground level storage unit and the screw feeder OR screw Conveyor.

Screw feeder machine feeds powder directly in to the filling machine hopper as soon as the powder level of the hopper drops below certain pre-defined levels. This mechanism avoids constant feeding of powders manually in filling hopper there by reducing the manual efforts and also improves the accuracy of the system.

Machine can be easily integrated with auger Filler, volumetric Cup filler, form fill seal and Sachet packing machine easily.


Overhead/Ground level silo arrangement for feeding product to filling system

Adjustable feeding angle to convey product at heights

Customizable Silo Size and capacity

Fully integrated system with Blender, Sifter, Dozing head & Automatic bottle filling line is available

Capacitive sensors for accurate sensing

Ease of cleaning and maintenance.


Stirrer mechanism can be integrated

Level Sensor and controller arrangement integrated with the filling machine

Filling Speed

100 Litres

Screw Feeder Machine Filling Speed
Power Consumption

2 HP

 Screw Feeder Machine Power Consumption

Microprocessor/ PLC

Screw Feeder Machine Control
Parameters SFG Series
Type Ground Level Silo and Screw Feeder
Capacity 100Liters/300Liters/500 litres
Controls Capacitance Type Level controller
Operation mode AUTO and MANUAL
Feeder Screw Inclined Screw Feeder
MOC SS304 / OR Composite with Auger Filler Control Panel
Controller Solid state level controller with Probe
Motor 1HP
Stirrer Integral with screw Drive
Mounting At Ground Level
MOC SS 304
Dimensions (mm) As per the model
Silo Inlet 1200mm Above Ground
Screw Feeder Out let 1750mm Above Ground
Approx.Net Weight 400Kgs