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For-Bro offers versatile pneumatic Sachet packing machines for packing powders in small size unit packs. Auger controller with Clutch/brake unit or servo controlled mechanism helps to discharge set quantities of powder in to the 3 or 4 side sealed pillow pouches OR centre seal pouches formed from printed virgin/laminate roll . Photoelectric registration helps in precise print positioning on the pouch. Also available custom design for powder filling machine, toner powder filling machine, talcum powder filling. Pneumatic sealing helps to achieve a perfect ait tight sealing required for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry.


Best in class pneumatics for high quality sealing

State of the art design and modular construction

Easy change over of product and pack sizes

PLC / Microprocessor based controls with low powe consumption

Provision for Print mark registraition, Batch coding


Speed may vary depending on the Product type , Pack size and operator skills

For uniform Powder properties operating under the constant head of the product in hopper

All parts coming in direct contact of products. Parts in SS316 can be supplied on request. Other parts in from MS/CI. For GMP Models, parts made in SS304 and/or covered with SS304 Sheets/ENP coated

Clean, dry,compressed air at contolled pressure to be arranged by you.


Ground Spices

Dry Syrup


Pharmaceutical Powders

pigments And Dies

Micro Nutrients

Parameters SPP-100A
Operational Specifications Capacity Upto 200gm powder
Control Electromechanical with photoelectric sensor. ( with pneumatic cross seals )
Packing speed Upto 15 -30 pouches per minute with single tracks
Pouch formation With liner former with max size upto 270mm width of laminate.
Pouch type Three/four side seal, Centre seal
Max pouch size 125mm x 200mm max.
Vertical seals Roll pulling and vertical seales with die rollers through electro-magnettc clutch/brake unit
Heaters Cartridge heaters 250w x 2nos
Horizontal seals With pneumatic sealing and knife arrangement synrchronised with filling of powder
Heaters Cartridge heaters 250w x 2nos
Dozer Auger filler
Dozer hopper 35 litres capacity
Filling accuracy ± 2% for at consistant product bulk density
Control panel MOC M.S Body/SS Body on Request
Controller Solid state electronic controller with photoelectric
sensor for print mark registration.PLC Based controls
Digital time proportional temperature controller
Auger controller with photoelectric sensor
Drive Motors 0. 5 h.p. Single phase . For main machine
(variable speed drive optional)
0.75 H.P for Auger filler
Physical Specificaions MOC SS304 / SS316 (on request)
Overall Dimenisions Main machine 675mm x1000mm x 2600mm ( l x w x h )
Net weight 700kgs approx
Mobility Provided with castor wheels

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