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Three Side Labelling Machine

Single head weigh Filler

The automatic labeler machine – vertical bottle label applicator machine is one of the friendly labeller machines. The labeler Machine integrated with the latest SERVO system with user friendly Sensing system for Label and Product.

Our Self adhesive labeller machine is suitable for sticker labelling on flat bottles. It is capable of labelling up to 50 labels per minute depending on products diameter and label size.

Self-adhesive bottle labelling machine with speed available below 60 bottle per minute self adhesive labeler machine• 120 bottle per minute bottle sticker labelling machine• 150 bottle per minute sticker labelling machine• 250 bottle per minute high speed bottle label applicator• 300 product per minute high speed bottle and jar labelling line• 400 product per minute self adhesive sticker labelling machine• 600 Product per minute self adhesive high speed labelling machine.

We specially customised many labelling machine project installed with many customer like Automatic Flat Bottle & Jar Sticker Labelling Machine is suited for Glass bottle , Plastic & Aluminum bottle Labelling Machine, PET bottles of distillery bottle Labelling Machine, food Jar and bottle Labelling Machine, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries bottle and Jar Labelling Machine, Pharmaceuticals Labelling Machine, Mineral Water bottle Labelling Machine, FMCG Products Labelling Machine and Pesticides bottle Labelling Machine having bigger Label Height and Length.


Special Label Sensor for sensing Transparent Film Labels which does not have any sensing mark on it.

Option of Contact Coder, Hot Foil Coder, HP Cartridge Coder and Inkjet Coder with various speed ranges available.

Toughened Glass or Acrylic Safety Cabinet for Machine.

Tower Light showing the machine status / operation.

Colour or Mono Touch Screen with PLC for machine operation and showing various error messages and information on display.

Special Sensing system for checking missing label on product.

Low Compressed Air – Machine Stop with Alarm system for pneumatically o- operated coding system.

Vision System for checking Barcode, presence or absence of Coding or pharma code on labels.

Vision System with OCR system for checking coding on labels.

Online pneumatically operated product rejection system.

Polycarbonate Enclosure in Stainless Steel Profile.

Packing Conveyor.

Labelling Speed

Upto 45 Labels / Min

Filling Speed
Power Consumption

3 HP

Power Consumption
Label Size

Upto 120MM

Pack Size
Item Parameters Specifications
Operation Specification Mode Automatic
Speed Up to 45 per minute
Movement Left to right
Main Motor 0.5 HP,220V, 50Hz Rotomotive / Hindustan Make
Unwind Motor Servo 750w Delta / Panasonic make with Servo Driver
Label Applicator Number of Side Single side label applicator
Sensor Sick make Slot Sensor for gap sensing
Bottle Sensor Panasonic make bottle sensor
Panel MOC MS Enclosure for componenets with SS HMI box
PLC Delta make
HMI Delta Make 4 Inch Touchscreen
Physical Specification Overall Dimension 2430x950x1200mm
Weight 500 kg
Mounting Fixed anchor mount
Conveyor MOC SS
Length 1800mm long x 100mm wide
Height 750mm
Chain S.S. 304 chain moving over UHMWPE guides
Bottle Guides 10mm diameter S.S.304 rod guides are mounted on the polyamide brackets
Speed Up to 10 meters / minute
Drive 0.25 HP Hindustan geared motor with variable speed drive