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Paste Filling Machine

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Paste Filler Machine

Semi-Automatic Paste filler machine are uniquely designed semi-automatic machine for thick homogenous pastes and viscous material. Easy adjustment to nullify Batch variations of Paste characteristics help achieve higher accuracy. Provision for stirrer driver helps to push material in the hopper resulting in reduced build-up of material on side wall of hopper walls and increase accuracy. Various models are available based on the application requirements

PFV-100M - Volumetric filling with Mechanical control

PFV-100P - Volumetric filling with Pneumatic control

PFV-100W - Load cell based Weigh metric filling


Volumetric and Weigh metric filling models

Simple and easy to operate mechanical machine

Modular construction facilitates ease of maintenance and cleaning

Easy volume and weight adjustment

Single and multiple head options


GMP Models for Food and pharmaceutical industries

Automatic conveyorized in-feed and off-take line with capping and induction sealing

Multi head automatic filling machines available

Stirrer drive mechanism for pushing paste in the hopper

Jacketed hopper/vessel to suit Temperature filling

Filling Speed

Upto 15 Fills/ Min

 Filling Speed
Power Consumption

0.75 HP

Power Consumption
Pack Size

50ml – 1000ml

Pack Size



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Parameters PFV-100M PFV-100P PFV-100W
Filling Mode Volumetric filling Volumetric filling Weigh metric filling
Filling Mechanism Mechanical control Pneumatic controls Pneumatic controls
Hopper Capacity 30 Liters 15 liters 30 Liters
Filling capacity Upto 1000 ml Thick flow able homogeneous paste Upto 1000 ml Thick flow able homogeneous paste Up to 1000 ml Thick flow able homogeneous paste
Discharge Head/s Single Single Two
Speed Upto 10-15 Fills/Min Upto 10-15 Fills/Min Up to 14-30 Fills/Min
Accuracy +/- 2% +/- 2% +/- 1%
Weight / Volume control Available Available Load cell based control panel
Material of Contact SS304 /SS316 (on request) SS304 /SS316 (on request) SS304 /SS316 (on request)
Power Requirements 0.75 HP 0.75 HP 1.0HP
Dimension without frame (mm) 750 X 700 X 1200 (l x b x h) 700 X 900 X 1000 (l x b x h) 1250 X 850 X 1300 (l x b x h)
Approximate Weight 250 kg 200 Kg 375 Kg
GMP Model Availability Yes Yes Yes