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Grease filling Machine AP-100JG is available in a variety of models to suit different variety of grease with varied viscosity.

Specially designed stirrer arrangement helps to push Grease/paste into the output nozzle and facilitate the flow ability of the product thus increasing the accuracy. Auger screw is chemically treated to ensure that it can withstand product with high abrasion characteristics. An Optional pneumatically operated arrangement is provided to lift the bottle/container under the nozzle of the machine and facilitate the bottoms up filling which ensures that the product is evenly filled into the container without overflowing.

Machine can be provided with the extended chute for replenishing the product in main hopper. Multi-head automatic filling with conveyorized container feeding can also be provided.


Best in Class, time tested Quality product.

Easy to operate control panel with Manual and Auto mode.

Sturdy, simple construction assists maintenance & cleanliness.

Capacity to handle wide range of products & pack sizes.

Easy changeover of product & pack sizes.

Can fill grease pouches as well as cans.


Servo controlled Auger filler.

Pneumatic platform for lifting the container for uniform and accurate filling.

PLC HMI Based model available.

Filling Speed

Up to 15 Fills/Min

Filling Speed
Power Consumption

2 HP

Power Consumption
Pack Size

50gms – 5000gms

Pack Size



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Parameters AP-100JG
Filling Mode Volumetric
Product Characteristics Thick Viscous Pastes
Hopper Capacity 80 litters
Filling capacity 50gms - 5000gms
Speed Upto 10-15 Fills/Min
Accuracy +/- 2%
Controls Microprocessor Based controller
Type Of Pouch/Container Open mouth, bottom open spout pouch, plastic Cans, Etc.
Material of Contact SS 304
Power Requirements 2 HP, 3 Phase
Dimension W/O frame (mm) 950 X 900 X 1250
Approximate Weight 375 Kg
GMP Model Availability Yes