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Double Head Cup Filling

Double Head Cup Filling

Pioneer in the packaging industry, For-bro offers offer a complete range of Volumetric Cup Fillers for free flowing products. First to conceptualised double discharge, high speed cup filling machine for in Indian industry and revolutionised the packaging process by reducing the overall cost. High speed, Low Maintenance and easy operation not only helped to increase efficiency to the large corporate but also facilitate automation of small scale Agricultural, food and Chemical industries. DV-3T offers high speed filling with 2 heads for material discharge.


Economy, Standard, GMP and Servo versions.

In-line Volume adjustment.

Capacity to handle wide range of products and pack sizes.

Easy changeover of product and pack sizes.

Sturdy, simple construction assists maintenance and cleanliness.

Completely mechanical machine for long life.


Enclosure for dust free operations.

Auto control for multiple discharge in single pack.

Automatic in-feed /off-take conveyorised system.

Economy and standard versions.

Filling Speed

Upto 17 Fills/ Min/Head

Filling Speed
Power Consumption

0.75 HP

Power Consumption
Pack Size

150cc – 1500cc

Pack Size



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Parameters DV-3TJ
Filling Mode Volumetric
Product Characteristics Free flow granular powders
Hopper Capacity 70 litres
Filling Capacity Free flow granular powder from 400 cc - 3000 cc 100gms - 2500gms
Discharge Head/s Two
Speed Up to 34 Fills (17 Fills/Min per Head)
Accuracy +/- 2%
Volume Adjustment Available
Type of pouches/containers Open mouth, stand up, laminated LD, PP, Etc.
Material of Contact SS304 / SS316 (on request)
Power Requirements 0.75HP, 3 Phase
Dimension without frame (mm) 1250 X 950 X 1400
Enclosure Optional
Approximate Weight 370Kg
GMP Model Availability Yes