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Foil Sealer / Sealing Machine

Foil Sealing Machine

For-Bro Engineers offers versatile vacuum foil sealing machine widely used food and confectionery industries where vacuum packing is recommended for perishable products. These Foil Sealing machine provide vacuuming inside the vacuum chamber and the impulse sealer seals the bag post vacuuming. A plastic bag is kept in between the jaws of the sealer and the chamber is closed. The air is sucked out of the chamber and then the sealer closes to seal the bad. We can accommodate multiple bags depending on the bag width.


Simple, Safe heavy duty sealer

"j" type Digital Temperature controller

Designed for safe operation

Adjustable Sealing time as per lamination thickness

Adjustable bag rest to support large sizes

Foot operated

Stainless steel or Powder coated models

Suitable for various pouches with varied thickness


Laminated Pouch Sealing Machine

Vacuum Sealing Machine

Pneumatic Sealer
Sealing Mechanism Bag Sealer
Sealing Type Impulse Sealing
Material Sealed/Use HDPE, Plastic, Aluminium foil, BOPP, PP, Polythene
Heat Adjustment by Timer
Seal Length (Inches) 8, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42
Seal variation Single line, Double line ,Seal and Cut
Seal Width (mm) 2mm - 8mm
Power 230V AC, 50Hz
Weight 10Kg
Pneumatic Make Camozzi Make