Continuous Band Sealer-30V

continuous band sealer
continuous band sealer

CCSI-30V sealing machine is an economic table top continuous band sealer for small and medium scale industries. These sealers are ideal for sealing virgin/laminated pouches for up to 12 inches in length having 1-2 kg of product weight. These sealers are widely used in industries like food processing, chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides. Simple potentiometric controller is used for setting and controlling temperature as per the different types of lamination and thickness of pouch material. Sealing is achieved by heat conducted through Teflon coated belts. The hot Gripper belts carry the pouch and cause localize heating of pouch material and subsequent sealing two sides of pouch by metallic and rubber pressure roller. The sealing machine can be used in vertical as well as horizontal orientation. This facilitates the sealing of bigger and light weight bags as well.

The pouch carrying conveyor and gripper belts are driven by common drive resulting in synchronous movements of pouches. Light weight of the machine facilitates easy movability and flexibility where there is space constraints.


Simple economic model

In built cooling mechanism for quick seal

Adjustable Height to handle various pack-sizes

Suitable for various pouches with varied thickness


Economy and GMP models

Batch coding, imprinting logo, name etc. on the sealing rim.

Horizontal and vertical models

Sealing Speed

Up to 15 seals/ Min

Sealing Speed
Power Consumption

0.5 HP

Power Consumption

Pouch Sealing Machine

Bag Sealing Machine

Laminated pouch Sealing Machine

Portable Sealing machine

Parameters CCSI-30V
Sealing mechanism Continuous Band sealing through Heat Transfer
Material Sealed Virgin/Laminated Heat sealable preformed pouches
Pouch size Adjustable from 200 mm / 1 to 2 Kg Bags
Seal width 5 - 12 mm
Operating Speed 9 Meters/Minutes
Pouch conveyor Dimension (mm) 130 X 650
Nitrogen Flushing arrangement Optional
Mounting Vertical and Horizontal provisions
Mode of Heat transfer Through endless Teflon coated belts
Material of Contact Powder coated
Temperature controller Analog Potentiometric controller
Heaters 250 W X 2 Nos
Motor Power requirements 0.5HP, 3 Phase, 440V AC
Dimensions (mm) 900 X 450 X 500
Approximate Weight 30Kg