Semi Automatic Labelling Machine Semi Automatic Labelling Machine


Semi Automatic Labelling Machine

To ensure that you have one stop for all your packaging requirements, along with packaging machines and processing equipment we offer Semi-automatic and fully automatic labelling machines for Round and Flat bottles.

For-Bro offers Semi-automatic table Top labelling machines which is suitable for small and medium scale product manufacturing – giving economical solutions to your branding requirements with much lower man-power cost.

These machines are suitable labeling bottles, cans, glass bottles, pet jars, containers of different sizes.

Semi-Automatic labelling machine mainly has three components or modules i.e. label roller to mount the pre-printed label roll, label dispensation and wrapping for separating the label from the sticker roll and activation switch.

Round bottle is placed on the roller and the bottle is locked using the lever. When the Level is locked, limit switch automatically activates the labeling process. The used strip of the label is collected on the separately provided roller. Pressure roller ensures smooth labelling on the peripheral of the bottle. Machine can be used for full or partial label.


Economical and table top model.

Suitable for round bottles with varied diameters.

No Bottle, No Label arrangement.

Adjustable label position.

Vibration free labelling.

Low power consumption.

High quality slot sensor for accuracy label gap sensing.