Weigh Based Liquid Filling

weigh based liquid fillers

For-Bro Engineers, leading manufacturer and Exporter of Wide range of semi-automatic and fully automatic liquid and viscous material filling machine brings PLC controlled load cell based Weigh metric Liquid Filling Machine. LF-1W can handle wide range of product pack-sizes starting from 15gms to 5000gms and can achieve accuracy of better than +/- 1%. The most importantly machine do not need any change parts or syringes for various pack-sizes.

High quality load cell platform is provided for giving accurate measurement of filling. Auto-tare function facilitates to nullify the weight of the container so that the weight displayed and filled in the container is net weight. Coarse and fine filling parameters can be set easily on the PLC based control panel to optimize the accuracy. Flowing liquid can be directly connected to the input nozzle or separate tank can be provided as a reservoir of the material.

Machine can be programmed for a pre-defined recipe for a one touch operation. Data logging and password protection mechanism can be provided to make the machine temper proof and also makes record keeping simple.

Machine can be provided with multiple filling heads and automatic container feeding, capping and labelling for the end to end process.


Weight based filling for high accuracy.

Auto tare function to nullify container weight.

Direct or reservoir based feeding.

PLC based control panel.

Optional multi-level Password protection.

Optional USB Data logging and reporting.

Coarse and fine fill parameters.

Wide range of pack-size - 15gm - 5000gms.

No need to change parts for various pack-sizes.


Diving Nozzle mechanism for Forming liquids.

Multi head Automatic container filling line with 4,6 and 8 Head.

GMP and Standard Models available.

Filling Speed

Up to 10 Fills/ Min

Filling Speed
Power Consumption

0.5 HP

Power Consumption
Pack Size

15gms – 5000gms

Pack Size



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Parameters LF-1W
Filling Mode Weigh metric Filling
Nozzle Type Static
Bottle/Pouch placement Manual
Filling Capacity 10gms to 5000 gms
Spillage duct and Tray Available
Discharge Head/s Two
Speed Upto 10 Fills/min
Accuracy +/- 1%
Volume Control Motor pump
Material of Contact SS304
Power Requirements 0.5 HP
Diving Nozzle NA
Diving Nozzle Stroke NA
Dimension without frame (mm) 750 X 700 X 600
Approximate Weight 250 Kg
GMP Model Availability Yes