WEIGH Based Auger Filling

Weighmetric Auger Filler
 Weighmetric Auger Fillers
 Weighmetric Auger Fillers

For-Bro Engineers offers Weigh metric Load cell based Semi-Automatic Auger Filler, suitable for products having varying characteristics due to atmospheric condition or Batch-wise manufacturing variations where Standard Auger fillers gives high weight variations.

A highly accurate load cell ensures that the actual weight is measured irrespective of the variations in the characteristics of the product to be filled. This makes Semi-automatic Auger fillers suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical and mission critical applications where accuracy is the key requirement.

Machine can handle pack-size up to 1000gms with accuracy of +/-1%. Machine can be operated in both Volumetric as well as Weigh metric mode. Course and fine feed, in-line flight variation, auto- tare functions are standard features of the machine.

PLC based controller with the pre-set recipe, data logger can be provided on request.


Dual mode filling - Weigh metric or volumetric.

Microprocessor based controls for ease of setting.

Auto tare facility with bulk and fine feed modes for better accuracy.

Inbuilt course and fine tuning.

Easy to operate control panel with Manual and Auto mode.

Sturdy, simple construction assists maintenance & cleanliness.

Capacity to handle wide range of products & pack sizes.

Easy changeover of product & pack sizes.


GMP models for Pharmaceutical & Food industries.

Servo controlled Auger filler.

Bottom-up Filling.

Automatic in-feed /off-take conveyorised system.

Powder feeding screw conveyor & level controller for continuous filling.

Multi head Powder filling system for high speed filling.

Filling Speed

Up to 15 Fills/Min

Filling Speed
Power Consumption

1 HP

Power Consumption
Pack Size

10gms – 1000gms

Pack Size



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Parameters ALC-100
Filling Mode Weight & Volumetric
Product Characteristics Non Free flow Powders
Hopper Capacity 35 Litres
Filling capacity 10gms to 1000gms
Speed Up to 12 -15 Fills/Min
Accuracy +/- 1%
Controls Microprocessor based load cell controller
Type Of Pouch/Container Open pouch, stand-up pouch, plastic containers, Etc.
Material of Contact SS 304
Power Requirements 2 HP single phase
Dimension W/O frame (mm) 700 X 1000 X 1200
Approximate Weight 325Kg
GMP Model Availability Yes