Slat Chain Conveyors


For-Bro offers range of Slat Chain conveyors SCC-1200 made of high quality stainless steel material for use in Food, Agriculture, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The Slat Conveyor belts are used for carrying heavy and distributed loads like pallets, containers, jars. They are used in Assembly Line for Automobiles / Consumer Durable Goods, Testing and Packing Lines for White Goods. These conveyors can have single/double chain linkage. The material is positioned on the chains and the friction pulls the load forward.

Slat Chain conveyors are generally easy to install and have very minimum maintenance for users. Many industry sectors use Slat chain conveyor technology in their production lines. The automotive industry commonly use Slat chain conveyor systems to convey car parts through paint plants.


Heavy duty and continuous operation

High quality SS material e.g. SS304

Rugged construction

High speed operations

Highly Durable

Parameters SCC-1200
Capacity 1 to 50 Kg per feet, 50 to 100 Kg per feet
Length 1 to 10 feet, 10 to 20 feet, 20 to 40 feet
Belt Width 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch
Speed Variable frequency drive arrangement
Motor 0.25 HP to 1 HP Special Motor depending on the length, capacity, and width
MOC SS304/ MS Duly powder Coated